Gun Jones Bio

Name: Gun Jones 
Rank: Major
Duties: Commanding Officer

Plane of Choice:

Favorite Maneuver: To evade, speedily fly.
To aim, go slow.
To stay safe, keep high.
To harm swoop low.
Total Kills: 136
Hometown: Seattle, Washington
ICQ Number: 359154258 Click on ICQ number to add to ICQ list, when prompted click on open file from source.


Med. Militaire (US 22nd) CDG (Esc. Laf.),Verdun Medal (Esc. Laf.), Croix de Guerre (US 27th), Distinquished Service Cross (US 27th),

Austrian Iron Cross of Merit (Flik 61j) Vittorio Veneto Campaign (Flik 61j)

Background: Gun Jones (GJ) has served in the of Lafayette Escadrille where he fought in the RAF-JG2 war (November 1998-February 1999) and earned the Croix de Guerre, Verdun Medal, 49 kills; with the rank of Lieutenant. He then went on to serve in the US 27th Pursuit Squadron where he fought in Great War 2 (May-August 1999) and was awarded the Croix de Guerre, Distinguished Service Cross, and shot down 68 German planes.