Capt. Arthur Raymond Brooks depicted in "The Last Victory" by Roy Grinnell.

U.S. 22nd Pursuit Squadron

"The Shooting Stars"


Major Gun Jones
Captain Uncle Sam
Captain Dave Ace
Captain MacArthur
1st Lieut. DeSantis
1st Lieut. Onslaught
1st Lieut. Buzzard
1st Lieut. Tuskeegee
1st Lieut. Jumper
1st Lieut. Greely
1st Lieut. Brown


  • U.S. 22nd squadron paints. The code number for U.S. 22nd paints is "22" or when flying as French "21". The paintcfg.ini file (to be placed, along with the squadron paint folders, in the main RB3D "Paint" folder) can be obtained, as well as paints of other squadrons, at Flybert's Chateau. Last, make sure the "Custom" box is checked in the "Preferences" control panel, and then enter the code number when selecting your plane in multiplayer.
  • Mplayer.ini file (to be copied into your main RB3D directory) with latest known available servers (as of 12/08.) Update on Sierra Servers, 21 Dec. 2008 (.txt file.)
  • RB3D Keyboard Commands and quick .pdf reference card (Right click to "Save As...")
  • Roger Wilco (for Win 32 bit systems) is an optional "radio" communications program which can be used by multiple pilots flying online.
  • HyperSnap DX is used for photo reconnaissance in online campaign games.
  • Open Glide, courtesy of a member of the U.S. 95th, is an excellent and very easy to install Glide emulator. Simply download at the link, then transfer or copy contents of the zipped file into the main Red Baron directory; after which, check the "Glide" box in "Preferences" -- and voila, you now have glide mode graphics.
  • The "Full Canvas Jacket" patch (aka "The Promised Land" patch) which provides a dramatic (to say the least) upgrade to RB3D's graphics can sometimes be found for sale on ebay. It is very much worth buying if not, strictly speaking, a must-have. Be advised, however, that the patch causes you to lose the functionality (though not the general appearance) of most of the instrument panel gauges; so, for instance, you won't be able to read how much gas you have left, or what the rate of speed you are traveling at is, etc. One solution to this is to have two or more versions of RB3D on your hard drive which you can switch from simply by renaming whichever main Sierra directory you are not using to a temporary name (e.g. "SIERRA_orig" or "SIERRA_fcj"), and alternating from one directory to the other (as you choose to) in this manner. Also, some separate components of the FCJ patch can be downloaded at and these you can incorporate into your non-FCJ version. Again if problems of one kind or another arise, you can always have multiple installs of the game, and then decide on what works best for you; or else (by applying the rename directory method) use either (and or other) version as and when it suits.
  • SmartClose helps speed up your computer by shutting down all unnecessarily running programs; and is both safe and effective.
  • "Dicta Boelcke: an Air Combat Training Film." (YouTube)
  • Music Files (Right Click "Save As...")
    * "The American Aviation March" (1918) performed by Creatore and his band, from a stream cylinder recording. (mp3)
    * "Columbia, the Gem of the Ocean" (1902) played by the Edison Concert Band. (mp3)
    * Original theme to Red Baron 1 by Sierra/Dynamix (Midi format)
  • "First Eagles," the World War I flight sim by Third Wire is very well done; making it among the top World War One flight sims available at present; with "Over Flanders Fields" and "Red Baron 3D" (patched up and "added-on to") being two others in this same category. "Rise of Flight," designed by a Russian company, looks promising; though, for convenience, preoccupied with these tried and true others, I have yet to sample and try it myself.
    Click here to see a video demonstration of "First Eagles" on YouTube.

    Some screen shots of the U.S. 22nd Aero as seen in "First Eagles." Click thumbnail to see larger view.

    Jacques Swaab's Spad XIII. The small crosses surrounding the insignia signify Swaab's victories. Click image for larger view.


    "A History of U.S. 22nd Aero Squadron" by Arthur Raymond Brooks, et al. (.pdf)

    "Capt. Arthur Ray Brooks: America's Quiet Ace of W.W. 1" by Walter A. Musciano. (.pdf)


    America's First Eagles:
    The Official History
    of the U. S. Air Service, 1917-1918

    by Lucien H. Thayer.

    * Also regarding the historical U.S. 22nd Pursuit Squadron see "Chez Jacq'."

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