"Soul, Rockin, & Obscure" -- A Blues Primer: I

"Soul, Rockin' and Obscure" -- A Blues Primer: I

Note. This video compilation, along with that of A Blues Primer: II, is, of course, merely a sampler, and just to give you an idea of what I mean, here (taken from the comments attached to the Willie McTell video below) is a more thorough list of some of who else might otherwise have been included.


["Ragtime Guitar : BLIND WILLIE MCTELL. 'Southern Can Is Mine' (1931)"]

["'Moon Going Down' CHARLEY PATTON (1930) Classic Delta Blues Guitar"]

["'Sweet Home Chicago' - ROBERT JOHNSON"]

["Skip James - Cypress Grove Blues"]

["Leadbelly - house of the rising sun"]

["Mississippi John Hurt - You got to walk that lonesome valley"]

["Mississippi Fred McDowell - John Henry"]

["Son House - Death Letter (live) "]


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