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[1] "A Place in the Sun" by Jack Rainwater (2.9 MBs)
[2] "Don't Turn It Off" by Hot Chocolate (3.8 MBs)
[3] "Night Owl" by Bobby Loveless (2.7 MBs)
[4] "Don't Be Cruel" by Barbara Lynn (2.3 MBs)
[5] "Dreaming Room" by Don Fardon (amazon.com mp3 downloads)
[6] "Stranger Blues" by Elmore James (amazon.com mp3 downloads)
[7] "Hang Your Soul On Me" by Landy McNeil (2.7 MBs)
[8] "Am I Grooving You" by Freddie Scott (2.8 MBs)
[9] "I'm the Lover Man" by Little Jerry Williams (amazon.com mp3 downloads)
[10] [Japanese Pop Rock] by Soulful Pearl Sisters (2.3 MBs)
[11] [Instrumental Jam] by Lalo Schifrin (2.3 MBs)

[1] "Rock Steady" by Hot Bush [Bobby Bushe] (3.2 MBs)
Note. To download the complete "Hot Bush" (1980) album by Bobby Bushe (at 40 MBs), click here.
[2] "Someday" by The Linnettes (1.9 MBs)
[3] "Louie Hoo Hoo" by The Rays (2.8 MBs)
[4] "Keep to Yourself" by The Original Royal Kings (2 MBs)
[5] "Don't You Hear Me Calling, Baby" by Ronnie Haig (2.6 MBs)
[6] "Lonely Rain" by The Mascots (2.4 MBs)
[7] "Foolish Heart" by The Roomates (2.5 MBs)
[8] "Baby I Gotta Know" by The Crests (2.2 MBs)
[9] "Born to Be Your Baby" by The Linneas (2.3 MBs)
[10] "One More Time (Come On)" by The Clovers (2.2 MBs)
[11] "Space Walk" by The Astros (1.2 MBs)

[1] "Flying Can Be Fun" by Steve Clayton (1.6 MBs)
[2] "Gulf Stream Line" by Mac Curtis (amazon.com mp3 downloads)
[3] "Lonely Girl" by Fred York (2.4 MBs)
[4] "I Have Thoughts of You" by Neal Ford & the Fanatics (3.1 MBs)
[5] [Japanese Lounge Pop (circa 60's or 70's)] (2.7 MBs)
[6] "Fix It Man" by Harold Burrage (3.2 MBs)
[7] "Puttin' Game Down" by Luther Ingram (2.5 MBs)
[8] "They Get Down" by Lloyd Price (amazon.com mp3 downloads)
[9] "Voodoo Drums" by Les Elgart (2.2 MBs)
[10] "Hum Drum Blues" by Oscar Brown Jr. (1.9 MBs)
[11] "You Gotta Give Me Some of Your Love" by Step Out Sisters (3 MBs)

[1] "Sun Risin'" by Baby Little (2.6 MBs)
[2] "So Long Johnny" by King George (2.3 MBs)
[3] "Days Got Brighter" by McKinley Mitchell (2.8 MBs)
[4] "Trouble Blues" by McKinley Mitchell (3.2 MBs)
[5] "Don't Fight It" by Parrish and Wilde (2.1 MBs)
[6] "Little Darlin'" by The Gladiolas (5.3 MBs)
[7] "Don't Play that Song" by Adriano Celentano (5.6 MBs)

For some home-made music "videos" (wih embedding codes) for some of the above songs, see: gunjones.com MUSIC VIDEOS
Last but not least....

  • "Soul, Rockin' & Obscure" on YouTube
  • "Soul, Rockin' & Obscure" Psyches Out!
  • "Soul, Rockin' & Obscure" A Blues Primer: I
  • "Soul, Rockin' & Obscure" A Blues Primer: II
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    60's ROCK PARTY

    [1] Elvis Presley - "Party" (amazon.com .mp3 download)
    [2] Tommy Steele - "Come On Let's Go" [by Ritchie Valens] (.mp3)
    [3] Fabian - "Tiger" (amazon.com .mp3 download)
    [4] Elvis Presley - "Got A Lot O' Livin' To Do!" (amazon.com .mp3 download)
    [5] Fabian - "About This Thing Called Love" (amazon.com .mp3 download)
    [6] Chuck Berry - "Come On" (amazon.com .mp3 download)
    [7] Fabian - "Got the Feeling" (amazon.com .mp3 download)
    [8] Tommy Steele - "Rock with the Caveman" (.mp3)
    [9] Elvis Presley - "Mean Woman Blues" (amazon.com .mp3 download)
    [10] Dan & Dale's Guitars (Sun Ra) - "Robin's Theme" (amazon.com .mp3 download)
    [11] Dan & Dale's Guitars (Sun Ra) - "The Riddler's Retreat" (amazon.com .mp3 download)

    IMPORTANT NOTE. The Elvis, Fabian, and Dan and Dale (Sun Ra) tracks all come from the same respective LPs; so that (as a matter of economy) before thinking of buying the individual track you might seriously consider getting the whole albums (if you don't have them already); as they are all well worth owning themselves. And they are:

  • "Loving You" - Elvis Presley
  • "Fabian's 16 Fabulous Hits"
  • "Batman and Robin" - Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale (Sun Ra)


    In looking back, the Beatles were in a sense over done and many of their touted hits are (in my opinion) really only so-so, but they did as well as anyone if they only had to go on their genuinely good to better songs. Well, just within the past week someone in one of my music lists uploaded a collection of some 80 Beatles covers done by a variety of artists old and new. What I did then was process (remember "process precedes image" -- in this case an image of the Beatles) to get or create my best image of the Beatles from that set; and making my selections based on good to better performance and good to better song -- if not both I did not include the song as a final choice (though I have to admit "Yellow Submarine" as a song is getting borderline -- but it's all right; the 101 Strings performance of "Something" is in a similar way -- but both in all are all right and so are included.) Plus I cut a little slack for some based on novelty. Last, I also threw in from my own collection Tom Jones singing "Hey Jude." You'll notice, there are three renditions of "All My Loving" which to me is probably my most liked Beatles song of all. Of course, this end result Beatles portrait is my own, and equally of course, is to that extent subjective. But then what painting, in the final analysis, isn't? [All tracks are in mp3 zipped.]

    [1] "All My Loving" with Annette Funicello
    [2] "All My Loving" with Margareta Pislaru si Sincron (Romania)
    [3] "All My Loving" with Jimmy Griffin
    [4] "Fool On the Hill" with Les Miladys (Canada)
    [5] "Something" with 101 Strings
    [6] "Yellow Submarine" with Enoch Light orchestra [Link fixed 4/28/09]
    [7] "I Should Have Known Better" with the Naturals
    [8] "Hey Jude" with Tom Jones
    [9] "Eleanor Rigby" with Erick Saint Laurent
    [10] "Yesterday" with Chet Atkins

    THE BEGGAR'S ROCK OPERA (Or the Do-It-Yourself "Moulin Rouge")

    Note. The following links will all take you to amazon.com downloads.
    [1] Jack Bruce - "Rope Ladder to the Moon"
    [2] Steve Winwood, Blind Faith - "Can't Find My Way Home"
    [3] Pete Cetera, Chicago - "If You Leave Me Now"
    [4] Don McLean - "Castles in the Air"
    [5] Kansas - "Dust in the Wind"
    [6] David Bowie - "Space Oddity"
    [7] Psychedelic Furs - "Run and Run"
    [8] Paula Abdul - "Straight Up"
    [9] Republica - "Drop Dead Gorgeous"
    [10] The Kinks - "Better Things"


    These links also are all directed to amazon.com downloads.
    [1] Guess Who - "Undun"
    [2] The Carpenters - "For All We Know"
    [3] Debby Boone - "You Light Up My Life"
    [4] Bangles - "Let It Go"
    [5] Missing Persons - "I Can't Think About Dancin'"
    [6] Queen - "Crazy Little Thing Called Love"


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