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Cave paintings from 30,000 years ago reveal that cave man life was far more sophisticated and developed than we might think. However, it is only prudent not to attempt or assume too conclusive a picture of what Cro-magnon people were like; as the evidence is overall extremely scanty and could in a given instance be very misleading. This said, it is sobering to think that if you go back 50,000 years (i.e., to about when fire began to be harnessed) that in only the last (approximately) 4000 years do we begin to have something like a properly verifiable and conscious historical record. Which would be as much as if to say you were someone 50 years old and could only remember about the last 4 years of your life.

["Full Documentary Films - Cave Of Forgotten Dreams - History Channel Documentaries"]


A hypocrite is someone acts as though they really care about something (e.g., God, patriotism, excellence, being funny, quality movies, whatever), but who don't really, and are rather concerned mostly about appearances, cutting a figure, and winning people's approval; indeed will resort to serious crime and violence if they don't effect these things. Take these strange characters for instance. Many, many years ago, they declared all out war on me because I ignored them and or did not live up to their standards. Yet, even to this day (and though naturally I have my suspicions), I don't even or explicitly know who these people are, nor will they let me know. But it is no use my going to the police; since the police like and prefer them (who have money) and don't like me (who doesn't.)


Willy Fu: "I accede to honorable request of thugs."
~ "Shadow of Chinatown" (1936) starring Bela Lugosi