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Google salutes our veterans, 11 Nov. 2017.

How many recall the time (not SO long ago) when there was no Google Doodle, and you could personalize your Google Home page with multiple widgets and mini features, running simultaneously, like news, sports, weather, word of the day, games, music-- or whatever suited your fancy.


[ch. 17]
...Philosophy is not, then, the product of vice, since it makes men virtuous; it follows, then, that it is the work of God, whose work it is solely to do good. And all things given by God are given and received well...

...Rightly, then, to the Jews belonged the Law, and to the Greeks Philosophy, until the Advent; and after that came the universal calling to be a peculiar people of righteousness, through the teaching which flows from faith, brought together by one Lord, the only God of both Greeks and Barbarians, or rather of the whole race of men. We have often called by the name philosophy that portion of truth attained through philosophy, although but partial...

...The philosophers, however, chose to [teach philosophy] to the Greeks alone, and not even to all of them; but Socrates to Plato, and Plato to Xenocrates, Aristotle to Theophrastus, and Zeno to Cleanthes, who persuaded their own followers alone.

But the word of our Teacher remained not in Judea alone, as philosophy did in Greece; but was diffused over the whole world, over every nation, and village, and town, bringing already over to the truth whole houses, and each individual of those who heard it by him himself, and not a few of the philosophers themselves.

And if any one ruler whatever prohibit the Greek philosophy, it vanishes immediately. But our doctrine on its very first proclamation was prohibited by kings and tyrants together, as well as particular rulers and governors, with all their mercenaries, and in addition by innumerable men, warring against us, and endeavouring as far as they could to exterminate it. But it flourishes the more. For it dies not, as human doctrine dies, nor fades as a fragile gift. For no gift of God is fragile. But it remains unchecked, though prophesied as destined to be persecuted to the end....
~ Clement of Alexandria (c.150–c.215), The Stromata, Book 4.


["Superman and the Mole-Men" - clip from 1951 film]

It's been quite a while, but I have three enthusiastic "recommendations" for you--

Although "My Favorite Martian," with Ray Walston and Bill Bixby, and "Dr. Kildare," with Richard Chamberlain and Raymond Massey, used to be routinely shown by low budget local tv stations, apparently now it turns out these shows are owned by Warner Bros. or other mega-corporate entity. The same with the movie "Superman and the Mole Men" (1951). How did this all seemingly happen over night? It's a great mystery. At any rate, I would have thought these would have been much easier to obtain on DVD than they are.

Have been continuing to go through the old "Outer Limits" tv series and just this past week saw two absolutely terrific episodes:

"The Mutant" (1964)
-- effective performance by Warren Oates; accompanied by a helpful introduction to telepathic mind reading.

"The Guests" (1964) with Geoffery Horne, Luana Anders, and Gloria Grahame
-- this and so far, in my opinion, is the best "Outer Limits" episode of all time. Though it might have been even better, great script!


[ch. 15]
...But the things which co-operate in the discovery of truth are not to be rejected. Philosophy, accordingly, which proclaims a Providence, and the recompense of a life of felicity, and the punishment, on the other hand, of a life of misery, teaches theology comprehensively; but it does not preserve accuracy and particular points; for neither respecting the Son of God, nor respecting the economy of Providence, does it treat similarly with us; for it did not know the worship of God...

...For many reasons, then, the Scriptures hide the sense. First, that we may become inquisitive, and be ever on the watch for the discovery of the words of salvation. Then it was not suitable for all to understand, so that they might not receive harm in consequence of taking in another sense the things declared for salvation by the Holy Spirit. Wherefore the holy mysteries of the prophecies are veiled in the parables— preserved for chosen men, selected to knowledge in consequence of their faith; for the style of the Scriptures is parabolic. Wherefore also the Lord, who was not of the world, came as one who was of the world to men. For He was clothed with all virtue; and it was His aim to lead man, the foster-child of the world, up to the objects of intellect, and to the most essential truths by knowledge, from one world to another...
~ Clement of Alexandria (c.150–c.215), The Stromata, Book 4.


[ch. 12]
...Therefore the Gnostic prays in thought during every hour, being by love allied to God. And first he will ask forgiveness of sins; and after, that he may sin no more; and further, the power of well-doing and of comprehending the whole creation and administration by the Lord, that, becoming pure in heart through the knowledge, which is by the Son of God, he may be initiated into the beatific vision face to face, having heard the Scripture which says, “Fasting with prayer is a good thing.” [Tobit 12:8]
~ Clement of Alexandria (c.150–c.215), The Stromata, Book 4.

["2012-11-08 - COJ Exploration series - "Extra-terrestrial Phenomena and UFO's""]

Another most interesting and informative video from Father Sean O'Laoire, and to which I posted the following comment:

"Great talk and much appreciated. It seems well to observe, nonetheless, that technological-scientific sophistication does not necessarily imply equal or greater moral, spiritual, and or aesthetic sophistication; so that someone then who may be a technological-scientific 'super-man' or 'super-deva' or 'super-asura' might also conceivably be characterized as a morally, spiritually, or aesthetically backward baboon. Look logically therefore before you leap."

To which I might also add, if there is such a thing as advanced technological machinery, one might reasonably posit as well ultra advanced powers of deception and "magic" (as in the David Copperfield-Blackstone Jr. kind.)


[ch. 9]
For, in fine, it is impossible that the immutable should assume firmness and consistency in the mutable. But the ruling faculty being in perpetual change, and therefore unstable, the force of habit is not maintained. For how can he who is perpetually changed by external occurrences and accidents, ever possess habit and disposition, and in a word, grasp of scientific knowledge? Further, also, the philosophers regard the virtues as habits, dispositions, and sciences. And as knowledge (gnosis) is not born with men, but is acquired, and the acquiring of it in its elements demands application, and training, and progress; and then from incessant practice it passes into a habit; so, when perfected in the mystic habit, it abides, being infallible through love. For not only has he apprehended the first Cause, and the Cause produced by it, and is sure about them, possessing firmly firm and irrefragable and immoveable reasons; but also respecting what is good and what is evil, and respecting all production, and to speak comprehensively, respecting all about which the Lord has spoken, he has learned, from the truth itself, the most exact truth from the foundation of the world to the end. Not preferring to the truth itself what appears plausible, or, according to Hellenic reasoning, necessary; but what has been spoken by the Lord he accepts as clear and evident, though concealed from others; and he has already received the knowledge of all things. And the oracles we possess give their utterances respecting what exists, as it is; and respecting what is future, as it shall be; and respecting what is past, as it was...
~ Clement of Alexandria (c.150–c.215), The Stromata, Book 4.


Watching the film again all these years later returned me to one of the prime books on the subject, namely that by William M. Drew; a masterpiece in its own right, and a veritable classic of our own time that should be better known (hence my posting this.)

See at

D.W. Griffith's Intolerance: Its Genesis and Its Vision (1986, McFarland Classics) by William M. Drew (Author)

["Intolerance (1916) Full HD Movie" - Kino video version at 2:46:43]


An ingrained and common appreciation and sense of Brother and Sisterhood are absolutely necessary for peace and a properly safe, healthy and better quality of life. At the same time, such is only possible by means of genuine trust, honesty, and rationality. And yet look at society's would-be reformers, whether secular or religious. Do they, at large, really rely or focus on the truth? No, rather the most important medium of communication and starting point of consideration is rhetoric and an understanding of what is going on in and through rhetoric, with honest rational truth and dialogue being a far, far distant second.

In criticizing the mass media and the mass media party, as we have here so many times before, it is not the mass media itself that is so deserving of criticism and or condemnation. Instead the problem rather is it has, especially in the last 30 years, largely been taken over by witchcraft based people and organized crime combined, and who in turn lead an oversee an army of dupes and poorly educated persons. Even Trump, who is an outspoken decrier of fake news, had to go to the mass media to get his music acts for his pre-inauguration celebration/show. While before that, both Bush Jr. and Obama reverenced, medalled, and honored that granted well meaning but spectacular mediocrity Steven Spielberg; as if he was everybody's bi-partisan favorite. But this all just tip of the iceberg, just to give you a general idea. Otherwise, many of you will already know what a joke and a racket the mass media most of the time is and has become; pretending to represent the people, when in fact they work for the very worst of criminals, indeed the enemy of all man and animal kind.