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I wrote the following in a chat with someone just now, and thought I might as well throw the question out more "at large" in case some one knows the answer (if so please do contact me.)

"Dean Silverstone, Seattle wrestling entrepreneur in the 70s and 80s, and owner of Golden Oldies records in Wallingford. You don't mean to tell me you don't know about Paddy Ryan, Lumberjack Luke and the Hells Angels on Saturday morning or afternoon on (as I recall) KSTW? Are those shows by chance on DVD? If so they are just about worth their weight in gold."


"On Reason, Morality and the would-be gods" (rough draft) continued from earlier.

As discussed in my "New Treatise," criminal spirit people that act as "bosses" will invariably have "regular" (flesh and blood) persons routinely carrying out tasks for them, indeed such are necessary and vital to carrying out organized criminal operations; since obviously regular persons can do things that spirit people can't: such as hold money or carry out more involved and heightened forms of violence and vandalism. With respect to vandalism, these sorts of things can be anything from annoying, pointless pranks to acts of extreme viciousness and depravity. To give you an example of the former, I have had these people break into my house and repeatedly do things like put holes in my clothing and steal tableware (all my spoons, for instance.) Other sort so pranks I have had deal with are huge infestations of ants, or constant influxes of rats over the years; no matter how many (and there were at least several dozens) were already removed or exterminated using traps, air guns, and such. [Note. The rat problem only happened about 2011, before that, and outside of pictures, I had never even seen an actual rat in all my life.]

Some professional criminal spirit people, such as a ghost-magician, are in their way medical experts of a kind, and will do things like give you multiple warts and loves overnight, disfigure your skin with scars, give you diseases, prevent bodily functions from working properly, and other kinds of bodily related harassments, invariably done or carried out on you when you are asleep.

Much of this sort of carrying on is as much playing games, confusing, disorienting, and perhaps intimidating you as much as anything else, and which typically serve as reminders that they will or would have their way and preferably as they please. As remarked by me elsewhere, their customary penchant to be idle only works to prompt such mischief and or worse; and sometimes these sorts of things can go on relentlessly for relatively long stretches of time, say months or even years.

Other behavior we might mentioning passing are acting friendly or neutral while they are abusing or otherwise taking advantage of you. As we know, "the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel." Part of the idea here is that manichean-like mentality of trying to have it both ways. Some will actually be fooled and taken in by kindness offered by an oppressor; while the more wary and wise will see for it what it is. If they do an unsolicited favor for you, you are in no way obliged to owe them or pay for it, and if you don't know and understand this you can be tricked or manipulated into something you might perhaps later regret. If for example they spent 10 million dollars just to play a funny practical joke on you, say a "Candid Camera" or "The Magic Christian" type stunt (like we mentioned earlier), they might have or insist that it was all in good fun, or served some alleged good (perhaps religious) purpose, and you should be flattered by all the expense they went to and the trouble they took. This sort of thing is typical of the kind of arrogance and over-reaching they are known for. And yet as cocky and insufferable as such tactics will seem, there are people who will end up timidly acquiescing and foolishly yielding to them. Such scams or charades, and this is also true with magic tricks generally, when they do not succeed in fooling, criminal spirit people will pretend as if they did succeed.

As is already known or could be expected, trades and exchanges are an essential part criminal spirit people operations, nor, need I add, is it in their nature to deal fairly. That Goethe's Faust could come out with a happy ending thanks to the intercession of Gretchen is about as incredible a fairy tale ending as was ever written; my point being not that God or the Virgin Mary could not be so merciful where there is true repentance, but that it is extremely unlikely that Mephistopheles would not know how to get the better of a willing, deliberate compact such as Faust had made. Such after all is part of his professional business, and on this question Goethe, albeit unintentionally, is leading people astray and playing into the wrong hands into thinking works and the pity of good women will of themselves save. In this regard, Maturin's "Melmoth" is, at least by comparison, more like the real thing. Granted it may have happened historically that someone was so shrewd, wise and fortunate that to some significant extent it was possible to have it "both ways," and yet not suffer for it, or at least not too much, in the after-life. But if this has happened, one cannot help but assume cases of playing with fire and winning are exceptionally rare, at least when it comes to persons who made out and out and deliberate "pacts."

Despite the often grandiosity of the largess they proffer, the generosity of professional criminal spirit people is always and ultimately false and an illusion. For they are not such dim-witted fools, in this regard at least, to have it otherwise where they can help it. What they take will always be more than they give, and what they give was invariably and originally obtained by theft. And it is an inherent part of their character to be the one who is more clever and cunning in trades and exchanges, and other than showing off with magic tricks, perhaps priding themselves on this more than anything else.

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45 Pine Street (Manhattan) today.

As a follow up to my earlier post on the last whereabouts of physician-poet, Friendly Club member Elihu Hubbard Smith (1771-1798), here is a photo and some links to give a sense to how things may have looked then and as they appear today.

The first is a photo of the (now demolished) Brevoort mansion in about 1900 and as the site is currently. Although 45 Pine would not have been anything so grand as the Brevoort mansion, still the photo imparts some sense of the more residential character of New York city back in the 1790s as compared with now.

Next, here are two YouTube links taking you on a walk down Pine Street, Manhattan today, with notes as to where "45" is.

* walking westward, at 5:25 (on the right)

* walking eastward, at 2:45 (on the left)
["Walking Manhattan | Pine Street | Financial District"]

While the pause (if any) at 45 is extremely brief in these videos, the location where Smith and his friends took in the shunned, mortally ill yellow fever victim Dr. Joseph Scandella, and where shortly thereafter Smith himself came down with the fatal disease is now occupied by Our Lady of Victory (Catholic) Church. My father told me he happened to attend services there in his career days when doing business on the stock market (back in the 50s-60s), and says the church is rather small. For more on the same, see:

This is all the more poignantly touching, given that Smith, martyr like, heroically ended up giving his life in order to attempt to save that of another, and considering also that he was a raised Congregationalist (from Litchfield, Conn.) turned avowed deist. For more on this topic, see my earlier article, "The Last Days of Smith," downloadable in .pdf, at: o

Finally, we noted earlier as well that Smith was interred at the First Presbyterian Church previously located at 10 Wall Street. It is likely the burial vault contents there have been long since removed; given that the church was torn down in the 1830s. And yet and on the other hand it may be the case that those vaults (as far as I know at any rate) are still there - underground. In 2015 Presbyterian burial vaults were discovered accidentally under Washington Square, further north on Manhattan. This link gives a look at what they found at that time, and perhaps suggests what was or is under 10 Wall Street today.


For more respecting the Brevoort mansion, see:


6. And along with these there were four women. Among them was Ammonarium, a pious virgin, who was tortured for a very long time by the judge in a most relentless manner, because she declared plainly from the first that she would utter none of the things which he commanded her to repeat; and after she had made good her profession she was led off to execution. The others were the most venerable and aged Mercuria, and Dionysia, who had been the mother of many children, and yet did not love her offspring better than her Lord. These, when the governor was ashamed to subject them any further to profitless torments, and thus to see himself beaten by women, died by the sword, without more experience of tortures. For truly their champion Ammonarium had received tortures for them all.
~Dionysius of Alexandria, "the Great" (bishop c.247-265), Epistles, and fragments of epistles, of Dionysius


"On Reason, Morality and the would-be gods" (rough draft) continued from earlier.

In "The Ch-un Ts-ew, with the Tso Chuen: Duke Ch'aou" [And as found in "Chinese Classics" by James Legge, Vol. V. Part II (1872), p. 618], there is this passage:

"Tsze-t'ae-shuh asked his reason for making these arrangements, and Tsze-ch'an replied, 'When a ghost has a place to go to, it does not become an evil spirit...'" [Book X, Year VII.]

This helps to explain in part ancestor worship among such as the Chinese and Japanese, and yes indeed, and outside "fallen angels," criminal spirit people one infers originated largely from social outcasts, such as we contemplate with bands of robbers, thieves and other sorts of criminals; as persons who were displaced from or never had a proper home, family, or else morally minded brethren to find healthy companionship with. For this reason, there is certainly a place among feeling and compassionate persons to pity and sympathize with them. And yet such sympathy, if not guided by shrewdness and caution can simply be used against a person; as for instance when one pities and trusts a dangerous snake. Our pity is or might be justified, and yet if we are not careful, it might be used merely as a handle to bite and get the better of us. And even if it were possible to care for or take them in, it is only a matter of time before their owner shows up to claim them.

Such alienation they feel or live with is expressed and comes out in a variety of ways. This would include a penchant and with some an obsession to invade and act as an interloper and busy-body in the lives of others; getting attention, say and for example, by shocking and surprising people' showing off their skill at being able to perform some unusual trick or similarly putting on an very elaborate, perhaps show of some kind well planned out in advance, say like a "Candid Camera" or "Magic Christian" type stunt.

Likewise, to compensate for such inferiority and alienation as they might feel, they might put on airs and have you think them superior in some grandiose way; as would of course be the case when a high power spirit person would have you see them as god-like. Another not uncommon related behavior of theirs is that they will abuse you while acting as though they are your friend, and in fact be even sincere in desiring, albeit in a perhaps warped and demented way, to be your friend.

It is also not in the least unusual, based on the belief some among them hold that wrong doing is not only excusable but and somehow cosmologically necessary, and thus and on this basis they would have you believe they somehow have some claim on everyone. Everyone owes them, every one MUST measure up to their standards or answer for their complaints; so all important are their selfish interests and the role the universe requires of them. Likewise, there is this mentality that if there is wrong or harm done, then God, as it were, will foot the bill. And if He won't, well then he's not much of a God or else there is no God. Implied by this is the belief that God is, at bottom, at fault for any and everything wrong, or as Goethe put it "Nemo contra Deum nisi Deus ipse." While this may and understandably perhaps challenge some philosophically, even so and not surprisingly, such tenet becomes an all too convenient excuse for a very guilty individual to absolve themselves of blame and responsibility. At the same time and in practice, such who do take this view are themselves hardly ever, if ever, either honest or rational moralists, and instead invariably are little better than conscience-less yahoos or anarchists seeking to justify their own amorality and hypocrisy.

In sum, owing in large part to the often sick, deranged, and horrendous crimes they have committed they have made themselves detestable, and thus are understandably shunned. As a result they seek to get attention and or raise themselves up to a position of highest importance in the grand order of things, and this lack of self-esteem, you see, is often the cause or else part of the cause of their arrogance and trouble making.

As a further aspect of this mindset in question, it is routine among many of them to make it their business to cause trouble, whether a little bit or much, simply and solely for the purpose of causing trouble; though and of course they will have what they claim is a just and compelling reason for their acting so. And they do this both to get attention and because they are told to do so by higher-ups, and who firmly believe, and religiously, that violence and vandalism and or other obnoxious pranks are fully justified if carried out on behalf of motives of envy and or self-pity. From which one is inclined to infer that even if evil can't succeed in conquering, it ever and apparently gives them infinite self-satisfaction to just needle and harass others.

With respect to the question of spirits or sprites (i.e., by this we mean spirit persons unusually small or tiny in size) entering and leeching on a regular person's body, as, for example, is associated with demonic "possession," it is unclear whether such are a) just entering a person to "ride" them, say like a horse; b) find shelter and inhabit the host as in a sort of mobile dwelling, and or c) whether they are literally "feeding," somehow, off the regular person's physicality; and or some combination of these possibility. In passing, it is worth mentioning that these possessing or inhabiting spirits can sometimes be ejected or cast out by placing the regular person victim nearby to heavy metal machinery, particularly thinking of a jack hammer. The vibrations of the latter will, as likely or not and if the vibrations are sufficiently violent and the exposure is for more than just a brief length of time, shake the spirit from the nest they have created for themselves in the host.

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5. But there were also others, steadfast and blessed pillars of the Lord, who, receiving strength from Himself, and obtaining power and vigour worthy of and commensurate with the force of the faith that was in themselves, have proved admirable witnesses for His kingdom. And of these the first was Julianus, a man suffering from gout, and able neither to stand nor to walk, who was arranged along with two other men who carried him. Of these two persons, the one immediately denied Christ; but the other, a person named Cronion, and surnamed Eunus, and together with him the aged Julianus himself, confessed the Lord, and were carried on camels through the whole city, which is, as you know, a very large one, and were scourged in that elevated position, and finally were consumed in a tremendous fire, while the whole populace surrounded them. And a certain soldier who stood by them when they I were led away to execution, and who opposed the wanton insolence of the people, was pursued by the outcries they raised against him; and this most courageous soldier of God, Besas by name, was arranged; and after bearing himself most nobly in that mighty conflict on behalf of piety, he was beheaded. And another individual, who was by birth a Libyan, and who at once in name ' and in real blessedness was also a true Macar although much was tried by the judge to persuade him to make a denial, did not yield, and was consequently burned alive. And these were succeeded by Epimachus and Alexander, who, after a long time spent in chains, and after suffering countless agonies and inflictions of the scraper and the scourge, were also burnt to ashes in an immense fire.
~Dionysius of Alexandria, "the Great" (bishop c.247-265), Epistles, and fragments of epistles, of Dionysius