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MORE Peppermint Trolley Company (you may have missed.)

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["The Peppermint Trolley Company Reflections"]


[ch. 30]
We would say in reply, that so He did; for righteousness has arisen in His days, and there is abundance of peace, which took its commencement at His birth, God preparing the nations for His teaching, that they might be under one prince, the king of the Romans, and that it might not, owing to the want of union among the nations, caused by the existence of many kingdoms, be more difficult for the apostles of Jesus to accomplish the task enjoined upon them by their Master, when He said, “Go and teach all nations.” Moreover it is certain that Jesus was born in the reign of Augustus, who, so to speak, fused together into one monarchy the many populations of the earth. Now the existence of many kingdoms would have been a hindrance to the spread of the doctrine of Jesus throughout the entire world; not only for the reasons mentioned, but also on account of the necessity of men everywhere engaging in war, and fighting on behalf of their native country, which was the case before the times of Augustus, and in periods still more remote, when necessity arose, as when the Peloponnesians and Athenians warred against each other, and other nations in like manner. How, then, was it possible for the Gospel doctrine of peace, which does not permit men to take vengeance even upon enemies, to prevail throughout the world, unless at the advent of Jesus a milder spirit had been everywhere introduced into the conduct of things?
~ Origen (c. 184-c. 253), Contra Celsus, Book II


["Emitt Rhodes - Come Ride, Come Ride (1968/1971)"]


["Gentle Soul - See My Love (1968)"]


All right, all right...But if there's a trolley, why NOT a rainbow too? (get over it already.)

["Peppermint Rainbow" - color tv appearances, 60s]


[ch. 17]
Extremely foolish also is his remark, “What god, or spirit, or prudent man would not, on foreseeing that such events were to befall him, avoid them if he could; whereas he threw himself headlong into those things which he knew beforehand were to happen?” And yet Socrates knew that he would die after drinking the hemlock, and it was in his power, if he had allowed himself to be persuaded by Crito, by escaping from prison, to avoid these calamities; but nevertheless he decided, as it appeared to him consistent with right reason, that it was better for him to die as became a philosopher, than to retain his life in a manner unbecoming one. Leonidas also, the Lacedæmonian general, knowing that he was on the point of dying with his followers at Thermopylæ;, did not make any effort to preserve his life by disgraceful means but said to his companions, “Let us go to breakfast, as we shall sup in Hades.” And those who are interested in collecting stories of this kind will find numbers of them. Now, where is the wonder if Jesus, knowing all things that were to happen, did not avoid them, but encountered what He foreknew; when Paul, His own disciple, having heard what would befall him when he went up to Jerusalem, proceeded to face the danger, reproaching those who were weeping around him, and endeavouring to prevent him from going up to Jerusalem? Many also of our contemporaries, knowing well that if they made a confession of Christianity they would be put to death, but that if they denied it they would be liberated, and their property restored, despised life, and voluntarily selected death for the sake of their religion.
~ Origen (c. 184-c. 253), Contra Celsus, Book II


(Learned about this far out group from a 1968 episode of "Mannix.")

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"Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Joker’ Has Surpassed $800 Million Globally"

Whew, $800 million! That's a lot of money to pay for half a dozen tickets!


Meantime, see instead:

["Poppy 1936 pt2" - scenes of con-artist W.C. Fields at the carnival]


["Perfect Sound Effect: Little Rascals Exploding Cake" - from "Birthday Blues" (1932)]


As stated previously, I think among the best and most effective ways of understanding and coming to grips with the criminal spirit people phenomenon is through a study and analysis of their psychology. And it sometimes is the case that they are portrayed in fiction in a way that bears worthwhile comparison with the real thing. As three instances of such I would recommend the following three films or programs; all of which, intentionally or no, directly or indirectly, touch on aspects of criminal spirit people that I myself find paralleled or corroborated -- to some greater or lesser degree -- in real experience, and which help to answer the question "what is a criminal spirit person, and why is he the way he is??"
["The Bat Whispers 1930" - directed by Roland West]
["Nightmare Alley (1947) Tyrone Power , Joan Blondell"]
["Thriller S1 Ep34 The Prisoner In The Mirror (1961)"]

I won't myself get into any actual analysis here, but leave it for any who might be interested to watch them and perhaps learn for themselves, as a measure of inference and implication.

I would mention however in regard to "The Bat Whispers" that Roland West in this and other films of his has an uncanny and penetrating way of recreating and in some ways ridiculing criminal spirit people, and it strikes me as highly possible that this uncommon knack of his, and the resultant retaliation, contributed significantly in what may have been the murder of Thelma Todd; who at the time of his death was a mistress of his (of sorts.) After reading Patrick Jenning's most excellent and thorough Testimony of a Death: Thelma Todd: Mystery, Media and Myth in 1935 Los Angeles I was very much inclined to agree with Jenning that Todd's death was an accident. (Note. Mr. Jennings, a true crime scholar and author, had sent me some very valuable and related material when I was doing my book on Mabel Normand, but which not long after strangely and mysteriously disappeared.) Yet after going through West's films (I have on DVD and knew of "The Monster" [1925] already]), it occurred to me that the extremely bizarre character of Todd's death and its seeming insolubility may be due to criminal spirit people being involved. Such at any rate is an angle I would at least recommend considering and looking into as one alternative and prospective explanation.