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[ch. 47]
I would like to say to Celsus, who represents the Jew as accepting somehow John as a Baptist, who baptized Jesus, that the existence of John the Baptist, baptizing for the remission of sins, is related by one who lived no great length of time after John and Jesus. For in the 18th book of his Antiquities of the Jews, Josephus bears witness to John as having been a Baptist, and as promising purification to those who underwent the rite. Now this writer, although not believing in Jesus as the Christ, in seeking after the cause of the fall of Jerusalem and the destruction of the temple, whereas he ought to have said that the conspiracy against Jesus was the cause of these calamities befalling the people, since they put to death Christ, who was a prophet, says nevertheless— being, although against his will, not far from the truth— that these disasters happened to the Jews as a punishment for the death of James the Just, who was a brother of Jesus (called Christ),— the Jews having put him to death, although he was a man most distinguished for his justice. Paul, a genuine disciple of Jesus, says that he regarded this James as a brother of the Lord, not so much on account of their relationship by blood, or of their being brought up together, as because of his virtue and doctrine. If, then, he says that it was on account of James that the desolation of Jerusalem was made to overtake the Jews, how should it not be more in accordance with reason to say that it happened on account (of the death) of Jesus Christ, of whose divinity so many Churches are witnesses, composed of those who have been convened from a flood of sins, and who have joined themselves to the Creator, and who refer all their actions to His good pleasure.
~ Origen (c. 184-c. 253), Contra Celsus, Book I


While in the past and over the years I have written extensively, if sporadically, about criminal spirit people, every now and then I think about writing another more or less formal work on the subject. Yet I do not do so because I have (for whatever reason) gotten absolutely no serious response on anything I have written on that subject. In lieu of which then, I have occasionally posted small analyses about criminal spirit people on this website, and at the moment I wanted to add one comment of this sort.

I have observed in the criminal spirit person and his regular person "henchmen" who have been routinely bothering me and causing me problems of one kind or other that it seems as if they are hooked up to what we might call or refer to as a kind of negative energy (perhaps in some great or small measure sexually related) that excites and impels them to wrong doing, and that they will do things wrong because of this energy. The intensity of the effect of this energy on their behavior varies not unlike how we think of the weather being changing and variable. So using the analogy of weather, if the "weather" is stormy they will be more likely to act up, but as to why the weather is stormy or not is hard to say. One of the things most significant about this phenomenon is that often times people will try to solve crimes like murder (or much lesser crimes) by looking for what we think of as predictable explanations or motives; such as robbery, sexual passion, or jealousy for example. But what some police and others investigating the given murder do not understand is that although the mundane motive is present and very real, it is not that which brought about the crime. Rather it was a combination of BOTH this aforesaid negative energy AND the mundane motive. The mundane motive, even if it were say sexual passion, would not by itself have brought about the killing. Instead it was crucially necessary that this negative or demonic energy be present also.

It is not unlike a disease that causes these people to act up, even if there is or isn't a motive otherwise for them to do so; though naturally a secondary mundane motive can or will be understandably effective in inciting them all the more. The mistake often made however is that the mundane motive is assumed to be the primary one when really it plays only a secondary, albeit perhaps important, role.

From whence then does this negative or "demonic" energy arise? It comes from having truck or consorting, whether indirectly or directly, with witchcraft and or criminal spirit people, and who are typically seen as authority and or benevolent figures (say like a narcotics pusher but who is your "friend.")


(Thinking especially of those who download movies to have them transferred to DVD), if you haven't seen it already don't miss "Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole" (1972), starring Susan Hayward in her last film; a medical soap-opera with a clever and better than usual script (and with, incidentally, theme song sung by Dusty Springfield.)
["Say Goodbye, Maggie Cole (1972)"]


[ch. 34]
...Now, if a Jew should split words, and say that the words are not, “Lo, a virgin,” but, “Lo, a young woman,” we reply that the word “Olmah”— which the Septuagint have rendered by “a virgin,” and others by “a young woman”— occurs, as they say, in Deuteronomy, as applied to a “virgin,” in the following connection: “If a damsel that is a virgin be betrothed unto an husband, and a man find her in the city, and lie with her; then you shall bring them both out unto the gate of that city, and you shall stone them with stones that they die; the damsel, because she cried not, being in the city; and the man, because he humbled his neighbour's wife.” And again: “But if a man find a betrothed damsel in a field, and the man force her, and lie with her: then the man only that lay with her shall die: but unto the damsel you shall do nothing; there is in her no sin worthy of death.”
~ Origen (c. 184-c. 253), Contra Celsus, Book I


"Now I am one of them"

I just happened to learn of Isaac Kappy watching one of Adam Green's "Know More News" YouTube casts earlier today. Kappy, a film actor and a self-described illuminati-Hollywood whistle blower or informer, reportedly took his life in Nov. 2018. This is a video he did a few days before his death. It is of interest, among other reasons, as a testimony of someone who found himself drawn into unspecified wrong doing and which he subsequently and sorely regretted. It is not by any means clear quite what that wrong doing was, yet his statement does even so provide an interesting and informative insight into the psychology and mindset of one entertainment insider who by his own account went wrong.

[""It Happened In the Blink of an Eye." Isaac Kappy last post May 10 2019"]


[ch. 31]
And besides this, one may well wonder how it happened that the disciples — if, as the calumniators of Jesus say, they did not see Him after His resurrection from the dead, and were not persuaded of His divinity — were not afraid to endure the same sufferings with their Master, and to expose themselves to danger, and to leave their native country to teach, according to the desire of Jesus, the doctrine delivered to them by Him. For I think that no one who candidly examines the facts would say that these men devoted themselves to a life of danger for the sake of the doctrine of Jesus, without profound belief which He had wrought in their minds of its truth, not only teaching them to conform to His precepts, but others also, and to conform, moreover, when manifest destruction to life impended over him who ventured to introduce these new opinions into all places and before all audiences, and who could retain as his friend no human being who adhered to the former opinions and usages....Let those, therefore, who would disbelieve the statement that Jesus died on the cross on behalf of men, say whether they also refuse to accept the many accounts current both among Greeks and Barbarians, of persons who have laid down their lives for the public advantage, in order to remove those evils which had fallen upon cities and countries? Or will they say that such events actually happened, but that no credit is to be attached to that account which makes this so-called man to have died to ensure the destruction of a mighty evil spirit, the ruler of evil spirits, who had held in subjection the souls of all men upon earth? And the disciples of Jesus, seeing this and much more (which, it is probable, they learned from Jesus in private), and being filled, moreover, with a divine power (since it was no mere poetical virgin that endowed them with strength and courage, but the true wisdom and understanding of God), exerted all their efforts “to become distinguished among all men,” not only among the Argives, but among all the Greeks and Barbarians alike, and “so bear away for themselves a glorious renown.”
~ Origen (c. 184-c. 253), Contra Celsus, Book I


Not that I am, but if I were asked what is it that lies at the heart of most any and very serious problem we face, I would say it is a fundamental lack of and concern for both honesty and consistent rationality, combined with a pronounced hypocrisy about being supposedly scientific accompanied by an over reliance on rhetoric, and the swaying of the masses.

Yet the main thing I really wanted to do here this morning is to, and assuming you already have some acquaintance with my "situation," give a list and summary of reasons why someone should support me and not my opponents; and this in no specific order of importance.

1. After waging war on me, who am utterly alone and legally poor, no one in their army can yet face me; indeed, after all this time (over a quarter of a century) they still feel it necessary to formally conceal their identity.
2. I alone did indeed fight off and defeat their army in most every way except politically, including having thwarted their scare tactics and mind control.
3. While I am and have it in me to be (reasonably) happy and content, but for their physical intrusion in my life, we never have once seen it working for these people and who in fact never did claim that happiness was either possible or a priority with them.
4. What kind of interesting, appealing or attractive person needs to force themselves on anyone?
5. Why is any of "this" going on? Because they came to me. I never came to them, and to this day I wish nothing more than simply to be rid of them out of my personal life.
6. Speaking of they and their people generally, and granting that they do or might have merit and strengths in some areas of expertise, they have no taste in art or music of any kind; no actual sense of humor, despite pretending otherwise.
7. Big hearts they are not, and never were there such or more shameless cowards and cold, callous, self-centered people.
8. The heaven of their spirit people overlords is, in short, really a phony pile of junk and strictly for the insincere, cowardly and willfully irrational people.
9. In lieu of not being able to credibly argue their position, they are routinely violent, and to this day still resort to torture, vandalism, etc.

There is more, but I hope the above is and would be more than enough.