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As some will already know, a certain dispensation and certain leniency is granted to those wearing the mark of the beast; for purposes of showing deference or tribute to the great goomer.

Yet what qualifies as the mark of the beast? As best as I could ascertain, it is or might include such as the following (in no particular order):

* A tattoo or tattoos (and the more the better.)
* A goatee.
* A bald head.
* Death's head or other skeleton related emblem featured on your clothing.
* Being a fan of any of today's chart busting recording artists.
* Being a regular follower of all things Star Wars and or super hero movies for adults.
* LBGTQ identification or affiliation.
* Being a subscriber to YouTube channels that put out videos like:
["I found the END of Minecraft! - Part 18"]
* Being a reader of "vampires are misunderstood" literature; or any publications that views the occult and dark forces in a positive light.
* Using Cortana on Windows 10 or playing Candy Crush.
* Rejection of Christianity.

Again, by having or doing these things it will help protect and keep you safe. And as you can see, long gone are the days when a simple pencil mustache would have sufficed.


(continued from earlier)

If, as I posit, humankind are at the mercy of a criminal spirit person extortion or protection racket, and that not untypically passes itself off as deity or authorized by deity, then we are left essentially with two main groups: those who acquiesce and agree to protection racket terms and those who do not. What this means is that those who acquiesce are, depending on their degree of participation and cooperation, granted special advantages and privileges (including and with respect to things like wealth, social status, employment, immunity from potential legal prosecution, permission to marry and have children) in addition to protection from the other-worldly gang's (and their humanoid henchmen's) violence. On the other hand, those who are not a part of or subscribers to said concord with the ghost gods are liable to ostracization, and depending on the vehemence of their refusal, sundry kinds of violence as well, up to and including torture and murder. By this method, those who sell out are empowered and protected; while those who do not sell out are over time removed from society, by means of one method or other.

Again, it is not hard to see how many would come to see acceding to the criminals as the only choice left them; indeed not only that, but they would then go on to view the nay-sayers as the threat to peace, social stability, earning money, and just living one's life; rather than the extortionists.

Is this then not what we see going on for the last so many decades, with the forces of surrender and corruption over time dramatically increasing in power and momentum?

You be the judge.


As time gets on, I find there is little I can say that is substantially of more significance than what I have said before. And this seems apparently true of just about everyone else. And life still goes on in such a way that, and despite the praiseworthy and courageous efforts of many, as a society we continue to live in confusion and fear; due in no small part to the aversion to honesty and being logically consistent by those in power, in almost whatever quarter or area of society you look. Some common errors people fall into, for example, is that every question is simply a matter of choice A or B. Take this recent business about Jeffery Epstein's death for instance. Either he did or didn't commit suicide, or he was and wasn't murdered. Now I haven't yet heard anyone suggest the possibility that he committed suicide, but was driven to do so; and which would give us a choice C. And there are other possibilities. Similarly, when someone acts or decides wrongly, there is this tendency to assume that their motives are bad or selfish, And yet people are fully capable of doing wrong for reasons they, in their own irrational or misguided thinking, believe to be benevolent. So that they are a fool yes, but a villain, no, and there is a difference. Also likewise, we tend to see someone as a culprit, and yet who may be merely a stooge and stand-in for someone else. They take the heat, but the actual wrong doer is not even mentioned, let alone included in the blame. All such errors are in no small part a result of people's desire to rush to conclusions; while making little or no effort to qualify the same; either out of shortsightedness or lest they seem less than zealous, and therefore less than convincing, in their rhetorical cause. And yet what will really and most get us anywhere? Honest truth or rhetoric?

So many problems, so many troubles. If I myself am allowed any say, it would be to argue that there are criminal spirit people, frequently treated as if they were gods, and it is they who are really the ones far more guilty than anyone else for the bad and evil that occurs in the world. Such wrong doing as theirs, including debasing and corrupting regular persons, is very much intentional; the purpose of which is to enslave as many of us as possible to their governance and order of things. The more guilty, irrational, immoral, and cowardly we are, the greater power they will have over humanity. Some are so frightened, cajoled, bamboozled by such spirit people that they would (as they believe) purchase peace and security by acquiescing to their wishes and demands. Now my question then for you is, do you think this last is a good or bad idea?


Halloween in mid August? And yet here is goomerism at it's most palatable and you have to give the Disney people most commendable credit for serving up for public consumption whatever they are told to. Though we deplore the insidious subliminals, e.g., Mickey Mouse as Count Dracula, still it is all so laughable and crazy that everyone, moral and immoral, sane and depraved alike, will end up, albeit for different reasons, having some measure and some amount of a good time here.

["Live: FIRST Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party of 2019 - Walt Disney World Live Stream"]


[ch. 26]
...Now, with respect to this point — His prior existence a few years ago— we have to remark as follows. Could it have come to pass without divine assistance, that Jesus, desiring during these years to spread abroad His words and teaching, should have been so successful, that everywhere throughout the world, not a few persons, Greeks as well as Barbarians, learned as well as ignorant, adopted His doctrine, so that they struggled, even to death in its defence, rather than deny it, which no one is ever related to have done for any other system? I indeed, from no wish to flatter Christianity, but from a desire thoroughly to examine the facts, would say that even those who are engaged in the healing of numbers of sick persons, do not attain their object— the cure of the body— without divine help; and if one were to succeed in delivering souls from a flood of wickedness, and excesses, and acts of injustice, and from a contempt of God, and were to show, as evidence of such a result, one hundred persons improved in their natures (let us suppose the number to be so large), no one would reasonably say that it was without divine assistance that he had implanted in those hundred individuals a doctrine capable of removing so many evils. And if any one, on a candid consideration of these things, shall admit that no improvement ever takes place among men without divine help, how much more confidently shall he make the same assertion regarding Jesus, when he compares the former lives of many converts to His doctrine with their after conduct, and reflects in what acts of licentiousness and injustice and covetousness they formerly indulged, until, as Celsus, and they who think with him, allege, “they were deceived,” and accepted a doctrine which, as these individuals assert, is destructive of the life of men; but who, from the time that they adopted it, have become in some way meeker, and more religious, and more consistent, so that certain among them, from a desire of exceeding chastity, and a wish to worship God with greater purity, abstain even from the permitted indulgences of (lawful) love.
~ Origen (c. 184-c. 253), Contra Celsus, Book I


[ch. 16]
I must express my surprise that Celsus should class the Odrysians, and Samothracians, and Eleusinians, and Hyperboreans among the most ancient and learned nations, and should not deem the Jews worthy of a place among such, either for their learning or their antiquity, although there are many treatises in circulation among the Egyptians, and Phœnicians, and Greeks, which testify to their existence as an ancient people, but which I have considered it unnecessary to quote...

[ch. 22]
After this, Celsus, without condemning circumcision as practised by the Jews, asserts that this usage was derived from the Egyptians; thus believing the Egyptians rather than Moses, who says that Abraham was the first among men who practised the rite.
~ Origen (c. 184-c. 253), Contra Celsus, Book I


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“The scuttling of the ship [U.S. frigate Philadelphia, on 31 Oct. 1803] had been so hastily and imperfectly done that the Tripolitans were able to pump her out and make her tight. She was then brought into the harbor, amid the rejoicings of the people and to the great mortification of the Americans.

“In spite of poor food and hard usage there were but six deaths out of the whole number of three hundred and seven in nineteen months. When the captives were finally liberated, the pasha called together the renegades among the crew, five in number, ‘and told them that peace was now concluded, the Americans were about to leave Tripoli, and if they or either of them chose to go, it was left at their option. Unaware of the artifice, all except Wilson expressed their wish and anxiety to relinquish the turban and accompany us to America. Wilson, jealous [i.e., rightly suspicious] of the Pasha's sincerity and perhaps afraid of the threatened halter, thanked his majesty for this generous offer, but told him that he preferred Tripoli to America and Mahometanism to Christianity, and that he chose to remain and would ever continue firmly attached to his service. Wilson was honored and caressed by the Pasha and his Divan for his singular fidelity, while the other four were sent into the country with a formidable guard. We had a glance at them as they passed our prison and could see horror and despair depicted in their countenances.'"
~ Our Navy and the Barbary Corsairs (1905) by Gardner W. Allen, p. 157.


[4 Aug. 2019]

“We’re talking to a lot of people and a lot of things are in the works,” Trump said Sunday when asked by a reporter what he was going to do the country's “gun problem.” “We have done much more than most administrations… but perhaps more has to be done. But this is also a mental illness problem. If you look at both of these cases, this is mental illness. These are people that are very, very seriously mentally ill.”

Modern day vigilante guns - Hollywood style:
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