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There are many, many worlds in this universe -- many more than most know or think of -- and that often require dramatically different ways of living in them. Christ as the ultimate example was capable of living in a myriad of worlds.


The different MODES for best dealing with Criminal Spirit People are:

1. Bearing and suffering the cross.
2. As a rational philosopher/scientist.
3. As a solder.


An inordinately sex minded person has difficulty mixing with big-hearted people, mostly in consequence of shame or embarrassment. And an excess super-fluidity of sex-mindedness in a society in the end causes people at large to become less natural; since such tendencies are not really natural.


History is rarely remembered much or clearly even by those who lived it, and later historians can do little but imagine the same. But when competent poets or artists portray it as it ought to have been, it is possible for them to do us the service of seeing history as God might see it.


Attention Goomer collaborators, accomplices, accessories! Be advised that your ties or association with hard-core Goomers and who make regular truck with professional criminal spirit people will or may be used and held against you in future; including by persons you now consider friends. If you have even the least bit of sense left, get out now, renounce your ties, and repent while you still can.


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At 41:00, here you have one example (symbolically for our purposes) of persons forcing themselves on someone (without the latter's consent of course.)

["Thriller S2 Ep22 The Incredible Doktor Markesan"]


We have spoken previously about the strengths of criminal spirit people, it is only appropriate that we review, albeit briefly at the moment, what we know to be some of their weaknesses.

First off, physically a spirit person such as a ghost can easily got rid of by throwing a physical object at it. However some are not without some physical power of their own and are capable of striking you (say in the head) and or can pin you down if you are lying down asleep or half conscious, and you will definitely feel it. Otherwise a person that is not asleep or half conscious can easily chase them away or in some instances cause them to vanish by simply throwing something at them.

Although Mysterion and such as his lieutenants do indeed possess amazing powers and cunning, some of which abilities and advantages we have enumerated earlier, it is extremely important to remember that there are at least as many, if not more things, they are incapable of. Should you ever then be intimidated by them, just stop and consider things they can't do - like sing a song, love another or be genuinely happy, for example, and challenge them with it.

Just as Dracula can't stand the light, it is necessary for them to avoid being seen and honest, rational truth generally. As well, they are really all cowards and bullies; formidable when the odds are 10 to 1 in their favor, but you get to something like a level playing field and they about as effective as green militia.

They typically suffer terribly from envy, covetousness and self-pity; though such things naturally will vary from individual to individual. They are total hypocrites and have the habit of blaming others for something they themselves are as or more guilty of than anyone else. In fact, it is very old tactic of theirs to shamelessly accuse and bring to trial their enemies for things which they themselves are to blame more than anyone else. One advantage of this is that it will distract some from recognizing their own culpability.

Their national and international power necessarily relies and is founded on masses of dumb, rascally, cowardly, and childish people. Indeed, such are the bedrock of their empire.

Great strengths they have might or will dissipate, at least temporarily, with the passing of time; and when that happens it is well for you to capitalize on it.


[ch. 2]
Other things, hindrances equally of the soul, may have accompanied you as far as the prison gate, to which also your relatives may have attended you. There and thenceforth you were severed from the world; how much more from the ordinary course of worldly life and all its affairs! Nor let this separation from the world alarm you; for if we reflect that the world is more really the prison, we shall see that you have gone out of a prison rather than into one. The world has the greater darkness, blinding men's hearts. The world imposes the more grievous fetters, binding men's very souls. The world breathes out the worst impurities— human lusts. The world contains the larger number of criminals, even the whole human race...

Unpleasant exhalations are there, but you are an odour of sweetness. The judge is daily looked for, but you shall judge the judges themselves. Sadness may be there for him who sighs for the world's enjoyments. The Christian outside the prison has renounced the world, but in the prison he has renounced a prison too. It is of no consequence where you are in the world— you who are not of it. And if you have lost some of life's sweets, it is the way of business to suffer present loss, that after gains may be the larger...
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), To the Martyrs


"The only thing we have to fear is fear itself."

If we never hear any more about the mafia, the mob, and organized crime in the news, ostensibly and perhaps it is because they have risen in the social order of things and moved on to bigger and better things.

Inexplicable divine providence, or rather and merely the tyranny of criminal spirit people and their henchmen subjecting the illiterate masses to behavioral conditioning?

As far as I am concerned, anyone who puts on airs and persistently forces themselves on others personally or physically is little better than a disease. As someone who has been subject to 24/7 torture and violence for over 25 years, I know first hand what this is like. (Don't believe me? Just see if you can find me a lawyer.)

Your thoughts, M. Poirot, on who the mysterious threat and killer is...?


Another curious facet of pagan and Old Testament deity in their relation towards regular people is that they would punish someone most severely, even with death, for doing something the latter either could not help or did not know was wrong. For instance, Actaeon in chancing upon Diana bathing, or Uzzah touching the ark to keep it from falling (2 Samuel 6:7.) This same mentality persists to day with criminal spirit people, and would seem to be the result of there simply being little in the way to hold them in check from such arrogance. And yet were it possible for humanity as whole to stand up to them, how then would they act? But, as per the tower of Babel, someone might say, such is not possible; so that by being divided, and prohibited from honest rational discussion, we are conquered and subjugated to an extent that arguably stems really not from necessity, but rather our own irrationality and childishness. To what do we serve after all? Equitable justice, morality and honest truth, or brute force? But then in treating animals and fellow humans unjustly and dishonestly, only works to make us more vulnerable, subservient and answerable to criminal spirit people tyranny.


Historically gods are wrathfully violent for several possible reasons. The two most prominent of these seem to be A. trespassing on a god's rights or sanctity or B. Jealousy. This is true in both paganism and pre-Christian monotheism. Now while the first of these seems fairly understandable, how is that jealousy takes on divine importance? This emotional trait it seems is of no little significance because it provides us with a very important clue about the psychology of spirit people. Indeed, when you think about it, it seems to reflect an inadequacy that brings them down to the level of mere human. Should we then or are we rightly or "divinely" punished by that which is merely human? True, occasionally such as a Greek hero might take exception to a deity's taking (what the hero sees as) unfair or unjust advantage. Otherwise and traditionally however we don't think to ask the question; since it is assumed "gods" are by their rank simply entitled to have their way. And yet...?


In a Word

If you asked me what is the number one problem in the world today I would say it was mind control and the effect it has on everything that goes on, whether individually or society wide. Yet who addresses this topic seriously? Certainly not anywhere nearly as many as there should be.

One party is the Sadducees, the other the Pharisees, with a third party behind them hidden, manipulating and playing off of both of the former. All claim to know better, yet it is honest truth that is routinely crucified and by them all, or at least those among them who are not honest and duly rational.

The fact of the matter is that when push comes to shove if honest reason does not prevail, criminal spirit people will, and when they prevail you have torture, violence, murder. Why? Because torture, violence, murder are seen as viable alternatives to honest, rational discourse.

19 And this is judgment, that the light came into the world, but people preferred darkness to light, because their works were evil.
20 For everyone who does wicked things hates the light and does not come toward the light, so that his works might not be exposed.
21 But whoever lives the truth comes to the light, so that his works may be clearly seen as done in God.


[ch. 1]
...But you have come within its walls for the very purpose of trampling the wicked one under foot in his chosen abode. You had already in pitched battle outside utterly overcome him; let him have no reason, then, to say to himself, “They are now in my domain; with vile hatreds I shall tempt them, with defections or dissensions among themselves.” Let him fly from your presence, and skulk away into his own abysses, shrunken and torpid, as though he were an outcharmed or smoked-out snake. Give him not the success in his own kingdom of setting you at variance with each other, but let him find you armed and fortified with concord; for peace among you is battle with him. Some, not able to find this peace in the Church, have been used to seek it from the imprisoned martyrs. And so you ought to have it dwelling with you, and to cherish it, and to guard it, that you may be able perhaps to bestow it upon others.
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), To the Martyrs


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In preparation for the upcoming holidays, I am working on a special .pdf transcription of the 1766 edition of Goody Two-Shoes. Although not wholly conclusive, scholarly consensus attributes authorship of this 18th century children's best seller, popular in America as well as Britain, to Oliver Goldsmith.

FOR THOSE WHO JUST CAN'T WAIT, here's a little teaser in the way of an excerpt.