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[ch. 3]
But when we say that there are demons — as though, in the simple fact that we alone expel them from the men's bodies, we did not also prove their existence — some disciple of Chrysippus begins to curl the lip. Yet your curses sufficiently attest that there are such beings, and that they are objects of your strong dislike. As what comes to you as a fit expression of your strong hatred of him, you call the man a daemon who annoys you with his filthiness, or malice, or insolence, or any other vice which we ascribe to evil spirits. In expressing vexation, contempt, or abhorrence, you have Satan constantly upon your lips; the very same we hold to be the angel of evil, the source of error, the corrupter of the whole world, by whom in the beginning man was entrapped into breaking the commandment of God. And (the man) being given over to death on account of his sin, the entire human race, tainted in their descent from him, were made a channel for transmitting his condemnation. You see, then, your destroyer; and though he is fully known only to Christians, or to whatever sect confesses the Lord, yet, even you have some acquaintance with him while yet you abhor him!
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), The Soul's Testimony


PRINCIPLE 1ST. That the Poetic Genius is the true Man, and that the body or outward form of Man is derived from the Poetic Genius. Likewise that the forms of all things are derived from their Genius, which by the Ancients was call’d an Angel & Spirit & Demon.

PRINCIPLE 2ND. As all men are alike in outward form, So (and with the same infinite variety) all are alike in the Poetic Genius.

PRINCIPLE 3RD. No man can think write or speak from his heart, but he must intend truth. Thus all sects of Philosophy are from the Poetic Genius, adapted to the weaknesses of every individual.
PRINCIPLE 5. The Religions of all Nations are derived from each Nation’s different reception of the Poetic Genius, which is every where call’d the Spirit of Prophecy.

PRINCIPLE 6. The Jewish & Christian Testaments are An original derivation from the Poetic Genius. This is necessary from the confined nature of bodily sensation.

PRINCIPLE 7TH. As all men are alike (tho’ infinitely various), So all Religions & as all similars have one source. The true Man is the source, he being the Poetic Genius.

~ William Blake, from "All Religions Are One," 1788.


Now compare the above with two quotes directly conveyed to me from the ghoulish magician himself (once upon an afternoon a few years back.)

"The truth is not allowed." (imperative.)
"The world is running out of poetry." (Meaning, I take it, similar to fossil fuel.)

[(In fairness of equal time doctrine), a more or less REASONABLY accurate facsimile of the same; though with the look in his eyes more matter of fact, sometimes commanding, with occasionally a slight tinge of latent, gloomy, black despair..]


[ch. 2]
...For why should God, the founder of the universe, the Governor of the whole world, the Fashioner of humanity, the Sower of universal nations be believed to have given a law through Moses to one people, and not be said to have assigned it to all nations? For unless He had given it to all by no means would He have habitually permitted even proselytes out of the nations to have access to it. But— as is congruous with the goodness of God, and with His equity, as the Fashioner of mankind— He gave to all nations the selfsame law, which at definite and stated times He enjoined should be observed, when He willed, and through whom He willed, and as He willed...

...For whence was Noah “found righteous,” if in his case the righteousness of a natural law had not preceded? Whence was Abraham accounted “a friend of God,” if not on the ground of equity and righteousness, (in the observance) of a natural law? Whence was Melchizedek named “priest of the most high God,” if, before the priesthood of the Levitical law, there were not levites who were wont to offer sacrifices to God? For thus, after the above-mentioned patriarchs, was the Law given to Moses, at that (well-known) time after their exode from Egypt, after the interval and spaces of four hundred years. In fact, it was after Abraham's “four hundred and thirty years” that the Law was given. Whence we understand that God's law was anterior even to Moses, and was not first (given) in Horeb, nor in Sinai and in the desert, but was more ancient; (existing) first in paradise, subsequently reformed for the patriarchs, and so again for the Jews, at definite periods: so that we are not to give heed to Moses' Law as to the primitive law, but as to a subsequent, which at a definite period God has set forth to the Gentiles too and, after repeatedly promising so to do through the prophets, has reformed for the better; and has premonished that it should come to pass that, just as “the law was given through Moses” [John 1:17] at a definite time, so it should be believed to have been temporarily observed and kept. And let us not annul this power which God has, which reforms the law's precepts answerably to the circumstances of the times, with a view to man's salvation....
~ Tertullian (c.160–220 AD), An Answer to the Jews


[Assorted from Face Book earlier today.]

Dream Works (?)
"Won't you come home,
Tom Rossley,
Won't you come home?"..


The same people, and who brought "The Punisher" to the big and little screen as a way of promoting and cashing in on the frequent rash of school/.resort/etc. shootings, we are now told are looking askance at Johnny Depp as a threat to public morals while banning Woody Allen's new film for similar reason. Perhaps the greater pity of it all is is that we never really get to know who "they" are.
For more, see: "Rolling Stone just published a new profile of Johnny Depp. It’s damning."


[Later Note.] It just occurred to me -- we have this thing called the Central Intelligence Agency, and they are the ones in charge of gathering the most important secret information, right? Well, perhaps they could serve the good of the republic and the people by determining and disclosing to us who, by right of corporate monopoly (and who knows what else), are in large measure in charge of the nation's cultural heart and soul. Moreover, once finding this out, perhaps then Trump could send air strikes, delta force and or navy seals to give them the Ben Ladin treatment. What do you think?


Folly and ruin beyond belief.