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From my favorite Kinks LP.

["The Kinks - Yo-Yo" -- The Kinks plays Yo-Yo in Rockpalatz april 1982]


He's run these brain torture radios on me for something nigh on 16 years. What does he think I am? John Henry?!


A leaf from the Aztec Codex Borbonicus.

When we look at the iconography, myth, and symbolism of such as the Maya, Aztecs, or Inca (and one could also probably include with them in this some artwork of the ancient Near East, Egypt, and Hindu cultures) one is reminded of the huge money spent and often lavish and exorbitant attention shown to mutant creatures and fantasy beings in our own time. Were some future race to judge us from much of the sculpture, paintings, books, wargames, and films of our time on the basis of this excess and preoccupation with people, animals, and things lurid and deformed, they might well come away with the idea that we were some very strange and disturbed people. But the truth is that such a culture is encouraged, invested in, and promoted by (what I shall call) "witchcraft" people and the spirit persons who direct, command, or control them. In other words, these fascinations with and manifestations of mutation and deformity are much less the result of popular interest than they are a heavily subsidized species of propaganda designed and intended to degrade people on behalf of the (given) "god" or "gods." At the same as such outlooks are supported by ruling powers, opposing or competing cosmological views and life perspectives are made to be poor, ostracized or even criminalized by these same spirit person guided societies. In sum, what we see in the Aztecs, et al. is a culture that is by no means necessarily reflective of popular opinion and sentiment, but rather a product of a spirit person based mindset and autocracy that ruled religiously and politically. So when we say the Aztecs, etc. were this way or that, it may be that such values and outlooks that survive in their art did not really emanate from the people themslves, but instead only some of the people, and such and only such who were "under the influence" -- with competiting perspectives having been outlawed or worse.


Two memorable songs from Bob Dylan's "Desire" album.


["Hurricane (Show) - Bob Dylan" -- live tv show appearance] and ["Bob Dylan - Sara" -- studio track from "Desire" LP.]