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I posted this for fun on Face Book, but his voice is both so flawless and astounding (and with better than usual audio, not to mention), it seemed not unfitting to do so here.

["ELVIS - Bridge Over Troubled Water (NEW mix! Great sound!)"]


Not all that distant (unfortunately.)

He has more money than everyone else, yet not only contributes nothing, or else not much of anything, to the common good but wrecks and ruins that which is good, not least of which the lives of countless peoples and animal. Yet why then, if he is so dumb, is he so rich and powerful? Because as a witchcraft person, spirit people do his more serious thinking for him, and together they stifle, suppress, and literally murder all dissent, including all appeals to reason, honesty, morals, and basic decency.

There is no greater evil in the whole of creation than criminal spirit people, and yet it is true in many places around the globe and owing to people's gullibility, secrecy, irrationality, and cowardice they are the ones who rule the roost and dominate law, government and business. So that it is consequently they whom the arrogant and stupid among us look to for their leadership, and as the foundation of (would be) legitimacy and authority.

Such as myself who protest this state of things are ostracized and exiled, and yet I could endure even these things but that they have and continue to need me as well; indeed, after eighteen years still can't keep their hands off me. Meanwhile, they like to feign having great and lofty value as persons to justify their greed and presumptions, but I believe none of it, and no matter how may times I have told them I'm not interested, I still can't get rid of them. For decades they mocked me for being poor and forcing me to be celibate, and yet not satisfied with this, in their spleen and rancor they would not even permit me to live alone undisturbed with my cats; so that all but one of my cats, of which their were all told some dozen, were either murdered outright, kidnapped, or otherwise had to be put to sleep (see my "Narrative"); in the meantime, these adversaries of mine do and have incessantly assailed my person with brain radios and various kinds of witchcraft while subjecting me to the putative allures and enticements of false and dishonest religion. Such my friends is the true basis of present day worldly success! Such my friends are ones with all the money and who tell everyone else how to live their lives!


Whitney Houston...boy, what a bitch!*

* See National Enquirer, etc. for week of 11 July 2010.


Divine Paradox

If one is never good
enough for life,
what use is living?
A great person
who waited on poor persons
was the greatest of all persons.
Indeed your gallant friend
who loved you
bravely suffered
more deeply and worse
than all that you do,
that he might go before you
that you might know the way;
could you but stay awake
when darkness comes;
could you wait hand and foot
(as you said you would),
when not washing their feet.


Did you know that Eastern European countries, including Russia, originally received their Christian heritage from the Greek Orthodox church (coming out of Byzantium) rather than the Roman Catholic Church (and which many are more accustomed to)? For this reason, the more you know your Greek the easier for you to understand Eastern Europeans and their cultural roots. With this thought to bear, here to give you a little, quick Greek for some who may sorely need it is "The Hymn to Zeus" by the Stoic philospher Cleanthes who lived shortly after Alexander the Great. As I just got through saying to someone, if you read it, you will see that age does not detract from its meaningfulness; while recollecting that the equivalent of "Word" is Logos, is spoken language, is Reason, is Ratio. (The original from which this transcription is taken can be found at )

"Most glorious of immortals, Zeus
The many named, almighty evermore,
Nature's great Sovereign, ruling all by law
Hail to thee! On thee 'tis meet and right

"That mortals everywhere should call.
From thee was our begetting; ours alone
Of all that live and move upon the earth
The lot to bear God's likeness.
Thee will I ever chant, thy power praise!

"For thee this whole vast cosmos, wheeling round
The earth, obeys, and where thou leadest
It follows, ruled willingly by thee.
In thy unconquerable hands thou holdest fast,
Ready prepared, that two-timed flaming blast,
The ever-living thunderbolt:
Nature's own stroke brings all things to their end.
By it thou guidest aright the sense instinct
Which spreads through all things, mingled even
With stars in heaven, the great and small-
Thou who art King supreme for evermore!

"Naught upon earth is wrought in thy despite, O God.
Nor in the ethereal sphere aloft which ever winds
About its pole, nor in the sea-save only what
The wicked work, in their strange madness,
Yet even so, thou knowest to make the crooked straight.
Prune all excess, give order to the orderless,
For unto thee the unloved still is lovely-
And thus in one all things are harmonized,
The evil with the good, that so one Word
Should be in all things everlastingly.

"One Word-which evermore the wicked flee!
Ill-fated, hungering to possess the good
They have no vision of God's universal law,
Nor will they hear, though if obedient in mind
They might obtain a noble life, true wealth.
Instead they rush unthinking after ill:
Some with a shameless zeal for fame,
Others pursuing gain, disorderly;
Still others folly, or pleasures of the flesh.
[But evils are their lot] and other times
Bring other harvests, all unsought-
For all their great desire, its opposite!

"But, Zeus, thou giver of every gift,
Who dwellest within the dark clouds, wielding still
The flashing stroke of lightning, save, we pray,
Thy children from this boundless misery.
Scatter, O Father, the darkness from their souls,
Grant them to find true understanding
On which relying thou justly rulest all-
While we, thus honoured, in turn will honour thee,
Hymning thy works forever, as is meet
For mortals while no greater right
Belongs even to the gods than evermore
Justly to praise the universal law!"

Frederick C. Grant, translator, Hellenistic Religions (New York, 1953), pp. 152-4.


More from the Bach family -- this time the Flute Concerto in D Minor, 3rd mv. (Allegro di Molto) by Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach; with Milos Jurkovic, flautist, and the Slovak Chamber Orchestra under Bohdan Warchal.

["Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach: Concerto in D Minor, Part 3"]