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As averred to and intimated by me any number of times before, my opponents do not have much or any credible argument to begin with; and this, naturally, helps to explain their unabated silence and continued aversion to serious discussion.

Yet yesterday, what passes for an argument for them (at least, some of them) was thrown my way, and it was this:

"If I talk to Sherman and tell him the truth (i.e. about what is going on and insofar as I know it), then other people will be made not to listen to me."

The more you put yourself against or at odds with honest truth, the less truthful and of the truth you are; and the less truthful you are, the less likely any intelligent person is going to take you much or very seriously to begin with. And granted, while it's conceivable unintelligent people may listen to you, what they think doesn't (usually) matter all that much anyway.

The issue, when all is said and done, is not what people think, but rather what the truth is. Yes, what others think is and can be very important. Yet even so, it is only one factor or truth criterion, and then not necessarily among those most important. What is, by contrast, far more important is to be in reality, that is to say of the truth, and that means at least being fundamentally honest and rational with yourself and others, irregardless of fear, threats, and blackmail; for the more you succumb to, say, fear, threats, and blackmail, then you're that much further away from the truth, and therefore that much distant from reality.

For many years now, they have tried to get me to believe that my situation or predicament (say, where brain torture radios are being used on me) depends on persuading and getting people to agree with me. While in a way this is true, in another and more practical sense it is not so true as it seems. For technically, all I need to do is get rid of these spirit people (and who are worse than brain torture radios), and after that get rid of the brain torture radios, and strictly speaking these do not necessarily imply I need others help to do this. Yes, of course, other's aid to accomplish these ends would or could be of immense help, yet nevertheless other's such help is only a means, and one sort of means at that, and not of itself an actual end.

So true, I can and do suffer because, say, others will not listen to me. But others not hearing me is not, of itself and by no means, my worst problem. The fallacy then would be to think that failing to get people to listen to me was my greatest challenge or difficulty; which it really and more precisely isn't. At the same time far more essential is it for me to be in reality, that is of the truth, if I am to best deal with what or whatever is going on; and in this respect, reason and honest reasoning are a paramount and absolute necessity -- that is, say, by comparison with what others merely think; and even less so than this what others think who are not honest and rational to start with. In addition to all of which, the only people who could really assist me in any case are those who first and foremost are of the truth.


["Jefferson Airplane High Flyin' Bird and Today” – live Monterey Pop Festival]


Two points in passing.

1. Why do I have a picture of tanks at the heading of my webpage?
Ans. Because I am at veritable war with the hooligans, and when that is over with (should I live to see the day), I'll replace the above photo with one of Mount Rainier.

2. Someone wrote me asking about how to make a .pdf file.
Ans. There are a number of programs out there that permit you to make or print out a normal .doc, txt., rtf., or say a webpage you visit, as a .pdf file. The one I happen to use is:
An important thing to know is that to use the program, what one typically does is PRINT the doc. (or whatever) as a pdf.; just as you would otherwise print a doc. using a regular printer, only when you are prompted by the computer to "choose printer" (upon and when printing) you choose or select the pdf. program (instead of your normal printer.)


Matthew 7:22-23: "Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? And in thy name have cast out devils? And in thy name done many wonderful works? "And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity."


A word of explication. While my political and ideological adversaries have not ceased to seek or create circumstances where I might be found deserving of ridicule or censure, I, for my part have written them off, howsoever well meaning they might be, long ago as little better than brainwashed persons incapable of dealing with reality and most any kind of intelligent reasoning generally. For example, in the course of the past decade and more, their "party" contains within it leaders and members who routinely carry out acts of systematic and literal torture and violence, as well as being implicated in actual murders, censorship of others' views, and sundry malicious mayhem. And yet in spite of these most grievous shortcomings in their moral position, they like to tout and represent themselves as champions of the people, prosperity, and philanthropy. The two (i.e. brutal crime and benevolence, and like lying regularly versus telling the truth) are incongruous and cannot, I submit, be reconciled, and to persist in believing that they can amounts to unmitigated madness and folly.

For this reason, the only ones among my opponents that intellectually speaking I can possibly take seriously are their spirit people masters, and it is against these last only do I feel myself (and for the vast most part) actually contending and vying against.


Above is a VERY unusual item -- an actual portrait proper (as opposed to an engraving or caricature) of Maj. Gen. Charles Lee (of Charleston 1776, Monmouth 1778); painted here by Gilbert Stuart (1755-1828), and done sometime 1794-1803 -- the first of its kind I myself have ever seen in all my years reading and studying the Revolutionary War. Henry Lee in his Memoirs, by the way, speaks sympathetically of his unrelated* namesake's military conduct at Monmouth, and faults him rather and only for how he comported himself with Washington and others afterward.

This scan comes from a surpassing excellent and ample web page devoted to Stuart at and which also includes a number of very nice and infrequently seen (as well as familiar) female portraits by the artist.

* Later Note. I may be mistaken in that there was no relation, see Henry Lee IV’s The Campaign of 1781 in the Carolinas, p.62.


All right, we now, at last, have a recording of Korean folk artist Moonee (or "Mooneerok" as he is listed in some places) singing Al Stewart's "Palace of Versailles," but this time without the earlier restaurant noise in the background -- however, do lower the YouTube volume a bit to cut out some audio distortion. In the second video, he does, appropriately enough for the Age in which we live, "The Sound of Silence."


["문이(moonee)-The Palace Of Versailles(들국화-사랑한후에)(Al Stewart)"] and ["문이(moonee)-The Sound Of Silence(Simon & Garfunkel(사이먼 앤 가펑클)"]


To whom it may concern, the above photo (at this very moment up for auction on ebay) I am strongly convinced is a counterfeit or hoax photograph; done by the likes of Tucker, Esper, and Ireland. I just reported my considered opinion to ebay, but whether anything will come of my doing so, I can't say. My reasons for believing as I do, I can't at present get into at length; except to say the people depicted and the composition do not look real, and what one sees upon closer examination does resemble the work of such as Tucker, Esper, and or Ireland.

If the above link no longer works, see here.

Later Note. In discussing the above with someone, it was suggested that the picture is or may be connected to the 1915 film "Hogan's Romance Upset," to which speculation I responded:

"Well, as you point out, if it is from 'Hogan's Romance Upset,' what is MN doing there? Granted it may a film of hers we previously did not know of, but given the date of the film -- and when production was more developed and relatively sophisticated, this seems exceedingly unlikely.
"Again, it is not completely impossible that I am or may be mistaken, but this said I very much don't think so; and among other things, the composition is elaborate (i.e. getting all those people to sit together), and yet on the face of it, it would seem to have been taken as if it were sort of a spur of the moment joke; with the weird expressions of the sitters being not unlike that of emoticons.
"But if this is a hoax photograph as I contend, there is a trail of other films and photographs like it (go, for instance, and have a look on DVD at the films of Phil Tucker, Dwaine Esper and O'Dale Ireland) -- and that are the work of counterfeiters under the supervision and using the expertise of spirit people who happen to be criminals, and which is in effect a form of warcraft, or excuse me, I meant witchcraft -- which forbidden subject, among other topics, I write about at length at my website --"


*----* *----*

Two paintings by James Peale (1749-1831), from left to right, "The Ambush of Allan McLane" and "Encounter between Capt. Allan McLane and a British dragoon at Frankfort, near Philadelphia," both circa 1803; while on the right is a portrait, by Charles Wilson Peale (1741-1827), of McLane in his old age.

At American Heritage Magazine, Oct. 1956, Vol. 7, Iss. 6, is an engaging account of the amazing wartime career and adventures of Allan McLane (1746–1829), one of the founders of Lee's Legion. Although he had a falling out with Lee that ultimately resulted in his being voluntarily reassigned from the unit (by Washington) in early 1781, McLane contributed significantly in helping to first instill that spirit of boldness and enterprise for which the corps became prominent; including playing major roles in both Stony Point and Paulus Hook (with the former being the inspiration for the latter), but for which he unjustly received little credit. It is well now also to be making this special point concerning McLane, by the way, because my original article on Lee's Legion (.pdf), since amended and corrected, glaringly omitted to mention his important contribution (for which lapse, please accept my apologies.)