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Here are two more from Don Fardon of "Dreaming Room" and "Take a Heart" fame (which last tunes we'd posted earlier.) Tom Jones, incidentally and whom I have been a fan of since childhood, did a cover of the second of these, "I'm Alive," on his recent "24 Hours" which latter I personally found to be a very strong and impressive effort; not least of which (or should I say, rather, not even) considering how relatively late in his singing career it comes. (How many of you are old enough to remember watching "This is Tom Jones"?)



When Justice?

Using the group
to imprison and murder
those who don't belong
to the group.

Was it worth the money?
Was it worth the women?
Was it worth
a ghost's blessing?

"If you think so little
of doing those things,
you can go through them yourself."
For what were they supposed to do?

Guilty wretch,
the days will come
when all that's left
is your soul,
and dogs will bark
throughout the day,
throughout the night...



"Get a load of my Heaven, boy. It's the hotness."


[Referring to his Helmet of Pluto] And take off that ridiculous thing -- it only makes you look like a great fool.


[Addressing the brain torture radio operators] Just think about it more brain torture radios! [Pause] Hey championship, what are you going to spend your share on after these brain torture radios get turned off? Not another movie career? No more movie career! Think of something else instead.


Blabber-mouth Olsen

How many times has Jimmy Olsen's blabbing gotten Lois, Perry White, or someone else into some trouble or other? (Thanks a lot Jimmy.)


In looking and listening over the recording of the 1997 revival of Sherman Edwards-Peter Stone's "1776" starring Brent Spiner, I was most pleased to find that it included some tracks and dialogue not found on the original 1969 version -- which latter, and as I've earlier noted, I had seen on Broadway at the St. James Theater back in (I believe) 1970. Most especially so is it delightful to have "Compliments;" a very brief but very rousing dramatic leaping-off point that gets me going just about every time I hear it. This in turn got me checking over at YouTube, and in the process of which I descried the following two renditions of the same: the first with Virginia Vestoff (also from the Broadway premiere cast) in the 1972 film adaptation (I love how she raises and throws her arms as she sings), and as well a not-so-well filmed but quite nicely sung version, done not so long ago, with Jennifer Hope. Because of some sound and video problems with the second, I made my own video from it that cuts straight to the song; you can however, if interested, find the original from which mine is derived at:

Last, and for fun, I scanned some pictures from the illustrated program (which I most miraculously still have) of the St. James Theater production, and which you can see HERE.



Hey championship, how about going somewhere else already? You give people the creeps with all this witchcraft and these brain torture radios.


If such as Pythagoras, Socrates, or Democritus had shown up somehow, somewhere in and amidst the events transpiring in or surrounding the Iliad, odds are it would only have been a matter of time before "the gods" would have felt it necessary to get rid of them.