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Although perhaps a bit too laid back in the performance, the first song is too good a melody to miss (just in case you might have.) The second I'm including to give us something more, well, vigorous.



Know Your Ogdoad

In continuing to read my way through St. Irenaeus' Against Heresies, one marvels at the prodigious, complex, sophisticated, and variegated cosmological systems the Gnostics, such as Simon Magus, propounded.* If taken merely as theory, they are quite fascinating, and perhaps possibly contain more truth to them than their opponents would concede; particularly when we realize that counterfeiters are careful to use the truth to serve their impostures. At the same time, it appears more than likely that some of them, like Valentinus, genuinely believed what they taught, and which was, in many respects, a take-off (usually with a "Christian" twist) on the cosmological beliefs of (some of) the ancient Egyptians. Speaking of the latter, it is interesting to observe that some of the notions of the Pre-Socratics, particularly the doctrine of the four elements found in Empedocles, may have had their antecedent in much earlier Egyptian thinking.

Yet if there was possibly some truth (howsoever meager) to the Gnostic cosmologies, why were such not framed or expounded in a scientific rather than a theological manner? The answer to this may may because the teaching was learned through revelation from spirit people, rather than philosophical analysis; so that any usage of it might be construed as infringing on their (i.e. these spirit people's) intellectual property (or so, at any rate, we might infer), and compelled such questions to be looked at strictly from a religious or theological standpoint; particularly when such as Simon was presumably deeply involved with such persons. It would be interesting, in this regard, to see how Gnosticism compares or contrasts to the cosmological perspective of the Kabbalah.

This said, there are obviously not a few points in Gnosticism that would understandably offend the Christian viewpoint and or an otherwise honest viewpoint generally; seeing that no objection is ever raised by the Gnostics themselves as to how such their claims are or were ever proven and arrived at. Gnosticism, like Christianity itself, took on various guises and interpretations. One view we sometimes find is that God did not himself actually create this world, but rather it was some angels or lesser beings. Another is that Christ is very important in the grand scheme of things, but yet is only one of a pantheon of great cosmic beings. Yet another view says that Christ therefore came to this world pure, from God, to save us from this world which is evil. You can see in his how such a teaching plays into the Devil's hands; because if accepted it implies that the Devil owns this world -- a belief very convenient and conducive to the outlook of certain criminal spirit people.

In sum, it would be well to consider what might in Gnostic teaching may after all, be true, but then to also in turn to see how such truth was used, transformed and truncated to serve unworthy if not nefarious ends.

* In the Wikipedia article on Simon and the Simonians, reference is made to The Great Declaration, a book of based on Simon's thought; with that article alluding to he or its author exhibiting an intricate anatomical knowledge. From my own experience of dealing with the magician, some of these more professional "sorcerers" are very familiar and acquainted with the human body inside and out, and its workings.


They want to shut down and or interfere with all these people's communications (whether on the internet, in the press, phone, e-mail, regular mail, etc.) While, knowing them as we do, this of itself should come as no surprise; yet what does come as one, however, is that this other person keeps tight lipped, or even lies and deceives, in order to aid and assist these worst of all criminals.



In lamentation of the departure of "Talkin' LA" from YouTube, here are some spur of the moment surrogates; two of which, regrettably, I can't embed, but are worth making the hike over to via the links. (Doesn't get more far out than this, believe me.)

* Aquaturbia (from Chile), "Rollin n' Tumblin" (1969).

* Wildwood, "All the Plastic People" (1967).

* The Aggregation, "Change" (1967).

* Gary Farr, "Green" (1969).


"Old School Ghoulish"

Sound familiar? The following comes from St. Irenaeus of Lyons' (c. 115-202 A.D.) Against Heresies, Book I, ch. 13, and gives you some idea and explanation of why some of those who listen to spirit people -- and despite their own, typically, gross ignorance and pronounced irrationalism -- still have such big heads (i.e. respecting their own intelligence) presiding over such small consciences.

"Some of his [i.e. Marcus the Magician -- perhaps a one time or even still current compatriot of old 'ghoulish'] disciples, too, addicting themselves to the same practices, have deceived many silly women, and defiled them. They proclaim themselves as being 'perfect,' so that no one can be compared to them with respect to the immensity of their knowledge, nor even were you to mention Paul or Peter, or any other of the apostles. They assert that they themselves know more than all others, and that they alone have imbibed the greatness of the knowledge of that power which is unspeakable. They also maintain that they have attained to a height above all power, and that therefore they are free in every respect to act as they please, having no one to fear in anything. For they affirm, that because of the 'Redemption' it has come to pass that they can neither be apprehended, nor even seen by the judge. But even if he should happen to lay hold upon them, then they might simply repeat these words, while standing in his presence along with the 'Redemption:' 'O you, who sits beside God, and the mystical, eternal Sige, you through whom the angels (mightiness), who continually behold the face of the Father, having you as their guide and introducer, do derive their forms from above, which she in the greatness of her daring inspiring with mind on account of the goodness of the Propator, produced us as their images, having her mind then intent upon the things above, as in a dream—behold, the judge is at hand, and the crier orders me to make my defence. But do you, as being acquainted with the affairs of both, present the cause of both of us to the judge, inasmuch as it is in reality but one cause.' Now, as soon as the Mother hears these words, she puts the Homeric helmet [Iliad, v., 844] of Pluto upon them, so that they may invisibly escape the judge. And then she immediately catches them up, conducts them into the bridal chamber, and hands them over to their consorts."


Mello-Kings or no Mello-Kings, we can still do them one better.


How do you figure it? They suspended my YouTube channel without a word of warning, notice, or explanation. If a given video of mine was deemed infringing (and if so I would like to know why and by whom), why then not simply have taken that video down and let my account stay otherwise? Meanwhile, Google/YouTube, in keeping with the times in both business and government, does not even allow you or I to write them to find out what happened, let alone find a means of resolving the dispute peaceably and amicably. What the reason for all this surliness? My goodness, Microsoft in its heyday was the very model of gracious and customer friendly manners; while these who ostensibly have succeeded them in power now run these businesses with an arrogance and unaccountability reminiscent of brutal commissars and party bosses -- and as you well know, it isn't just Google and YouTube who are like this.


These spirit people act as if they know about these things a certain way yet there's nothing really (I find) to like about him and his people in the first place. Indeed, he knows for himself full well that there are those, and many, who have literally killed themselves just to get away from him, and I would do the same if I could. Isolation, poverty, ostracism, being cheated of family, friends, career -- even gladly suffer brain torture radios (provided, a least, they were run solely by regular people) -- of these things I say, we can and could endure all that and more. But please, not his "heavenly" love -- for nothing is or could be more foul, vile, and loathsome! And, as I said, it is to get away from that that people do and many have committed suicide. Let then there be no misunderstanding. I seek no profit or compensation for all this other than to be rid once and for all of that horrifying existence; the very soul of sickness and evil! For who else would employ or hire the ghoulish magician to work for him?