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Once again, I can't decide which. (What do you think?)


"Ma she said so carefully
you don't get a vote
this is not a five and ten
this is no joke..."

~ from "Only You and I"

I was much delighted and excited to discover that two of my most favorite Psychedelic Furs tunes had finally made it to YouTube: "Alice's House" and "Only You and I." The prior absence of these songs may perhaps be explained by the comment of one person (and who posted one of these songs): "'Alice's house', by Psychedelic Furs. I'm sorry, but this video is 'blocked in some countries', I have no idea which ones though." Regrettably, however, the audio on both is not as great (for one reason or other) than one could wish, but at least decent enough for posting. Richard Butler's singing in this live version (from Madrid, 1984) of "Alice's House" is very hoarse, and some of the lyrics get lost in the delivery (also definitely lower the YouTube volume a bit on both); I therefore added a link to a YouTube video of the original studio track of that song for those who may not have heard it before.


"Alice's House" -- original studio cut.
Later. And while we're at it, the same for "Only You and I," and (what the heck) "Yes I Do." (Now if only someone would post "Highwire Days" on YouTube in any form.)


Here's something some of you may want to add to your collection when you get the chance (i.e. if you don't already have it) -- "The Prisoner" theme in its entirety.


To prove my point -- What with all the enormous sums squandered these days on inhuman interest dramas (previously known as horror movies) and junk fantasy, thrillers, and action films (not to mention brazen hoaxes and counterfeits of supposedly bygone films and television shows, e.g. Ronald Howard's Sherlock Holmes), just look at all these great old serials and movies you haven't even seen yet, and yet which at not even a fraction of the price spent today are not only as good but much, much better than what they put out now. (With respect to the last clip, from "Prince of Space," it makes you wonder how the Japanese could ever have got so messed up on anime when years ago they were making movies as entertaining as this.)

Note. For these same titles and more, see and


The Ba, as per the ancient Egyptians, is your soul within you. The Ka, on the other hand, is your dual soul or ideal soul existing simultaneously in (real) Heaven or God's mind.

Similarly then, IHS (or XP, IC, XC) in your mind is not the same thing as IHS in reality, bearing in mind, of course, that IHS itself is only an image that serves to represent the actual person or thing-in-itself (or person-in-himself.)

Do, therefore, be careful to keep both your own soul and IHS (the image) away from that false reality and spurious Heaven which some are bound to force or foist on you sooner or later; so that one day both selves, and image and reality of IHS, will one day be united and brought to destined harmony in full, complete, and righteous truth.


Evil can only rule the world by ruling people's mind's first. It will not do then, if you deem yourself a wise and intelligent person to say, "My religious faith does not oblige me to be honest and rational."


Oh, so the devil made you very rich?

"Yes, he did."

So what now then, pray, do you owe him?

"He didn't quite say actually."

I don't imagine he did.